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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am REALLY going to try to keep this blog alive. Looking at my last post date you can clearly see that i do not blog all too regularly but i am gonna do my best to keep it going.

As most people know i am currently doing my BMT, i enlisted at 5 March 2011. All i can say is that it was a real roller coaster the past couple of weeks. I remembered exactly how i felt when i was enlisting. I was so afraid, so unprepared for the hellish torture the army calls physical training, so petrified for what terrible things could happen to me but alas the military life has really opened my eyes to things i have missed or neglected in the past. Granted i hated the fact that i had to serve my two years but when i went in i really pushed myself to adopt a positive attitude because hey, if i had to do it anyway why not make the most out of it yeah?

Instead of viewing this two years as a complete waste of time i decided to view it as both physical and mental training plus i have always believed the army is a really good character building opportunity. I am proud to say this positive mindset has in fact worked out for the best. The first few days were tough of course, having to switch from my care free civilian lifestyle to a discipline and regimented lifestyle was no easy task but i powered through and within the first week i can confidently say i was more or less accustomed to the lifestyle there.

My biggest difficulties was the training at first and the showers cause i definitely was not use to training that was so physically demanding and i sure as hell was not use to cold ass showers. I have always loved warm showers and i still do. The army really makes you appreciate the things you take for granted, as cliche as it sounds. Its the small things you miss the most like your fast food, soft drinks, chocolates, cookies these little things that, in the past do not hold that much significance suddenly becomes as valuable as gold doubloons. It is funny when i think about it really.

Right now after all the training and crap i have been through i can confidently say i am becoming both physically and mentally fitter. One piece of advice i can give to new recruits is that your mental strength is more valuable and harder to train then your physical strength. There is just so much you can achieve with an iron will. My commanders implanted this saying into me from the first day.

I actually wanted to talk more about outfield, my commanders other stuff but it seems this post is starting to become terribly long, those who have read this far. I appreciate your patience.

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