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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Apart from your friends and family back home, the people that really help you get through your BMT life will be your fellow recruits and your commanders. They are the people that are with you every single step of the way. They are there when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

You could say that when i started my BMT life one of my more major concerns was my commanders. What were they going to be like? Were they going to be nice or an incarnate of jackassery? I am truly very thankful to be in this company and not some other insane ass company cause granted all commanders have to be strict i mean come on its the army. My commanders aren't very laid back but they are not "insane" when it comes to dishing out punishments and i am thankful for that. They are infact all really nice people, my sect com comes up to chat with us at night when there is time and not every company does this.

I have a huge amount of respect for my commanders and there was an incident that occurred last friday which increased my gratitude towards my sect com tenfold. The reason being he really went out of his way to help my buddy and myself. This was something he DID not have to do but he did it anyway.

So heres what went down. I attained a silver for my IPPT and i had another IPPT test last tuesday. IPPT is basically like a fitness test they have different stations like pull ups, sit ups, 2.4km run etc. You get the point. So i had to attain a silver again or i will not book out on friday and have to stay back on saturday to do a remedial training. Which sucks.

Sadly due to my inconsistent jumping i failed to maintain my silver and i was going to do remedial training. That really bums me out, as you can imagine i do not have a whole lot of free time and time outside camp is truly precious to me. When they read out the names for the RT list my buddy's name and my name were called out. My buddy too failed to maintain his silver. We were devastated of course we tried to psyched ourselves up but it didnt help all too much.

Thats when my sergeant left for a few and came back a couple of minutes later saying
"Ok Johnathan and Nicholas you guys are booking out later"
I was ecstatic i tell ya completely filled with joy. When we left for the ferry at about 8pm i was constantly thanking him and stuff. He really stuck his neck out for us and i just can't stress enough how much i appreciated what he did.

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