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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dirt Sweat and Tears

Field camp is probably the thing most if not all recruits dread the most. Personally, i dont think anyone would like it. It is a pretty brutal experience unless you are some military junkie then hey whatever rocks your boat.

On the first day of my field camp i had to do a 8km route march to the site which was quite alright because it started raining and route marching in the rain is pretty dam awesome it beats route marching in the sun any day. When we got there we set up basha tents and did other stuff i cant seem to recall.

The next few days got even worst. On the second night we did something called a turnout. A turnout is where your commanders wake up at 4am in the morning with thunderflashes to simulate an artillery attack. Then you gotta get down on the floor and shout RT RT RT. It was pure chaos i tell ya. Then they will start yelling a whole lot of insults and shit at you and ask you to pack up your stuff and move. If you are the kind that cant keep a level head you'll probably lose it at that point.

Thankfully i managed to pack my stuff and go. The biggest problem i had with field camp was probably the high kneel. It hurts like hell especially with your ILBV on which has a good amount of weight to it and after your turn out you gotta high kneel with both your ILBV and field pack.

After the entire field camp i was sweaty, dirty and tired and my head had so much sand on it. It was kinda disgusting in my opinion. I only brushed my teeth twice through out the 5 days.
Then when it was time for us to go back we were told that we had to route march the 8km back. That was just wow, it really brought me down. However, i had platoon mates encouraging each other which made it a little better.

But it turns out the commanders were just fucking around with us and we were gonna take the tonner(a truck) back. I kid you note the moment i heard "You guys will not be route marching back but instead you will be going back in the tonner" I shed tears of joy. Pure freakin joy.

Field camp was exhausting but it shows you who your true friends are and helps you weed out the ones that arent worth your time. All in all i would say i came out a better person.

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