"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Monday, March 29, 2010

I use to have this insanely naive way of thinking that anything my friends do or say to me is mutually exclusive. Now that i actually think back it does sound so incredibly silly. This post doesn't really have any meaning it was just something that kinda popped in my head xD

I have a question for you. Do you treat everyone you meet the same way? Quite frankly i find myself incapable of doing that. If i really think about it i think its way of showing my old friends how special and unique they are to me so i don't treat everyone the same way. Its not that i don't enjoy meeting new people of course i do but i just don't really know how to do it "right". Lol maybe this makes no sense at all xD

Lastly, if one of your classmates scored a 85/100 for a test. One would say that he/she is an intelligent person but what is intelligence really? In my opinion, i have never looked at lets say someone who scored 5 As and say wow this person is intelligent. Sure they are clever in their own right but hey it could also mean they have awesome memory.

A few years back i read about something called seven intelligence and if you look at the 7 intelligence mentioned not once is the word "good memory" mentioned. http://professorlamp.com/ed/TAG/7_Intelligences.html
Maybe not everyone would agree with the seven intelligence mentioned by i for one find it extremely interesting and insightful knowing that there is more then one way to be "intelligent".

Now that i actually took a step back and looked at this post. WOW it is a giant fudge cake of random.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

oh how i miss your old sound