"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dream Tears

Wheeew, lately ive been trying to rekindle with my past. People who know me would know that im a really sentimental and nostalgic person. A few days ago when i was asleep, i had this wierd dream. I can't really describe it in detail not because i don't want to i just can't really put them in words =p

In my dream, just before it ended. I remembered crying or someone was crying. When i woke up i realized i had tears in my eyes. I don't remember yawning when i woke up and my eyes don't get watery when i wake up sooo yeah i was kind baffled by it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Havent been back here in awhile. Everything seems to be moving so fast after the O levels. I guess thats just the way things are meant to be. I have not ranted or something in awhile xD a rant is loong overdue.

Look at this

Recognition score
( if you saw it )

Your score: 100%

Average score: 92%

This is a measure of your ability to remember the photos you've seen, regardless of the part in which you saw them. From all 24 photos shown in Parts 1 & 2, you recognised: 24 photo(s).
Temporal memory score
( when you saw it )

Your score: 91%

Average score: 68%

This is a measure of how often you recognised a photo and matched it to the correct part, instead of just remembering which ones you'd seen. From all the photos you recognised, you matched: 22 photo(s) to the correct part.

Seems like im pretty good with faces 8D
http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/tmt/ heres the link