"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Even though this is what they really did, they just went in circles. I feel that the simplictiy of it makes it extremely beautiful. The way he said it and all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I realised i have not really ranted about anything recently xD so here goes

When you meet someone for the first time be it face to face or through msn and such. You obviously dont feel all that close to that person, its only logical you feel that way. However, what if that person tells you secrets or things he/she feels about but never expressed to anyone else before. No one but you. My question is will you feel closer to that person?

Think about it, he/she told no one else about how they really felt about certain issues, no one but you obviously he/she finds you special. You hold a very special place in that persons life, otherwise why would they spend time telling you all those things. Recently ive realised that not everyone feels this way infact i think most people dont feel this way at all. Maybe its just me, maybe all this makes no sense to anyone else but me.

Do you know how it feels to think that even though you find this person very special and you care alot about him/her. That person might not have even have the thought crossed their mind, maybe to them you are just some one else they know just like any other friend they know.
It feels dreadful, it feels like you are too simple/boring to leave an impression you feel completely and utterly useless. Maybe all this is a load of crap but sadly i feel this way sometimes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quite the contrary to most opnions i have heard about the sixth harry potter movie. I actually thought it was ok i mean yeah there was quite alot of talking. I thought it was pretty comedic at times i didnt think it was that bad, it actually followed the book this time. Sure it left out some bits but it cant be helped. Overall i liked it

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I actually kinda tweaked the mini poem which is in one of my earlier posts
This is what i came up with xD

As I lay in bed thinking of all things that are just not right,
Wondering why do I put up this fight?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just give up?
Then life will be pleasant, like music from a harp.
Yes, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,
But I have to do something and not just sit on the fence.

I’ve never been more afraid or sure about anything else.
Maybe it will help me find something more about myself.
I am not looking for time to kill so,
call it intuition if you will

Monday, July 20, 2009

I got this from veron's blog xD and i decided to fill it out, 100 questions here we go

001. Real Name?- Nicholas Lee Jun Wen
002. Nickname(s)?- Nick, Shino, Pokemon?
003. Star Sign? -Taurus
004. Male or Female?- Male
005. Elementary?- I think this counts as primary, Poi Ching Primary
006. Middle School?- I dont think we have middle school here
007. High School?- I think this counts as secondary, Bedok View Secondary
008. Hair Color?- Black, but i always had a thing for brown hair or eyes
009. Long or Short hair? - Short
010. Loud or Quiet?- I would say i am a little bit of both, i mean if you hang out with me long
enough you will probably know im not all that quiet
011. Sweats or Jeans?- Jeans? but if im sweaty then sweats cause wearing jeans while you are sweaty is pretty gross
012. Phone or Camera?- Phone, i dont take photographs that much
013. Fruits or Fried Foods?- Fruits
014. Drink or Smoke?- I hardly drink, i drink mostly to socialise and i dont smoke
015. Do you have a crush on someone? - Hmmm?
016. Eat or Drink?- What kind of question is this, its like asking do you sleep or breathe?
017. Piercings? - Nil
018. Tattoos?- No, not for me
019. Been in an airplane?- Yeah, I love being on an airplane
020. Been in a relationship?- Nope not once
021. Been in a car accident? - Nope
022. Been in a first fight?- I dont think so
023. First Piercing?- I dont do piercings
024. First Best Friend?- That would be in primary school Gan Jing Hui
025. First Award?- Primary 2 sports day, Balls exchange(I am aware of what that sounds like)
026. First Crush?- Primary school
027. First Fashion Sense?- i doubt i have one
028. First kiss?- Never had one
029. Last Person You Talked To?- If you mean face to face that would probably be Wenson, if online chatting counts then May.
030. Last Person You Texted?- Ferlyn
032. Last Food You Ate?- Rice
035. Last Thing You Bought?- Holy shit, i just can't remember
036. Last person you hugged?- Jugo-chan
037. Food?- Beef stew?
038. Drinks?- Dont really have a perticular drink i like
039. Clothing?- Well i wear long sleeve shirts alot
040. Books?- Multiple, which are actually from warcraft. But before you write me off as a nerd. Read at least one of their books, its really packed with drama, action and romance. Its not all that "nerdy" in my opnion
041. Musics?- I dont have a specific genre i adore. I listen to all sorts cept techno and metal.
043. Colours?- Green has always been my favourite
044. Movies?- Quite a few
045. Positions?- This question is just wrong...
046. Kissed in the snow?- Nope
047. Celebrated Halloween?- Nope i dont think i have but ive always wanted to
048. Had Your Heart Broken?- uhh
049. Went over the minutes on your cell phone?- Nope.
050. Someone questioned your sexual orientation?- I dont think i fully understand this question. If you mean if anyone asked me sexual related questions before then yes they have
051. Came out of the closet?- Im not a homosexual unless this has another meaning to it
052. Gotten Pregnant?- I dont think its possible for me to get pregnant xD .
053. Had an abortion?- Look above
054. Done something you've regretted?- Yeah definately
056. Hid a secret?- Everyone has a secret but i reckon ive already shared most of them with someone
057. Pretended to be happy?- Multiple times for the sake of not darkening my friends day
058. Met someone who changed your life?- Yeah i did
059. Pretended to be sick?- Once or twice xD
060. Left the country?- If you mean travel over seas then yes, if you mean fleeing the country no
061. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it?- Yes!
062. Cried over the silliest thing?- I cant recall
063. Ran a mile?- Yeah
064. Went to the beach with your best friend(s)?- I dont think so.
065. Stayed single the whole year?- ive been single for 17 years
066. Eating?- wut
068. Drinking?- wut
069. I'm about to?- Do stuff
070. Listening to?- Change your mind
071. Plans for today?- Home, studying
072. Waiting for?- O levels to come
073. Want kids?- We'll see
074. Want to get married?- Not now
075. Careers in mind?- Cant quite think of anything
o76. Lips or Eyes?- Eyes
077. Shorter or Taller?- I say in between
078. Romantic or Spontaneous?- Abit of both would be perfect.
079. Nice stomach or Nice arms? - Abs?
080. Sensitive or Loud?- Nil
081. Hook-up or relationship?- Nada
082. Trouble-maker or Hesitant?- Nada
083. Lost glasses or Contact Lens?- Ive lost glasses before but not contact lenses
084. Ran away from home?- Thought about it when i was really young.
085. Hold a gun/knife for self defense?- Nope.
086. Killed somebody?- No and i dont think i want to
087. Broken someone's heart?- I dont think so
088. Been arrested?- No
089. Cried when someone died?- Yeah, i only cried a few days after i was told she died
091. Miracles?- ?
092. Love at first sight?- I cant answer this
093. Heaven?- Nil
094 Santa Claus?- Ho ho ho?
095. Sex on the first date?-No thanks
096. Kiss on the first date?- Maybe but its pretty slim
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? - Yes definately
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life?- I would say im pretty contented
099. Do you believe in God?- No
100. This is the 100th and last.- Hoorah?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


There is something i have to do and no it does not involve school.
Ive never been more afraid or sure about anything else.
Maybe it will help me find something more about myself.
I am not looking for time to kill so,
call it intuition if you will

I just felt like rhyming and this is what i came up with o.o Sorry if you think its full of crap xD
i kinda did it in like 2 mins or something
Its been a while since i last updated. Yesterday was sakura's 16th(i actually mean 20th) birthday it was fun. We had dinner at swensens and went to suntec to cut the cake xD After that we just talked and walked around for a few before going home.

I got home at around 11.45+ i went to shower and bed after. Sucky thing was i could not fall asleep at all. My mind was too active i kept thinking about one random thing to the next. Its not those cases where you do feel tired but cant fall asleep. I was completely awake! I was up till 2.30+am then i decided to use the computer so i used it till maybe 3+ and tried to fall asleep again. I think i fell asleep in the next 30mins and i woke up at 10am today. Thats about it xD

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank you Jorlene for making feel so much better really
i truly appreciate that. Thank you for unclogging my sappy idiotic mindset and making me see
something i was too dam blind to noticed.
im oddly depressed at something that should not be a big deal but for some odd reason i am making a big deal out of it ITS JUST SO STUPID. Its eating me on the inside, it makes me wonder what kind of person i really am. Its slowly driving me insane i have the choice of allowing it to drive me insane or not but i chose to just let it be. There is something wrong with me, why would you choose to feel discomfort or pain? I am really screwing myself

Yes this is a very very idiotic post please do not bother
wow ive just been kinda busy lately. i promise a proper post in due time

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Credicts to Ferlyn for the picture

Alright time to talk about TGX/WCG on saturday. I got there at about 2pm, had a team meeting till about 3.12+ then i went to "work" as a(its a rarity words like these are used on this blog) Sai Kang Warrior meaning i took care of their belongings. I went to look for stanley and may, and may lead me to the stuff so yeah i sat there and took care of it xD i had music to accompany me. After about 30 mins? give or take 10-20 minutes. Deo and Hidan came to keep my company, then Ferlyn came and we took a picture xD and wooh i look stupid. After that may came back to take her stuff cause she had to leave, and i was free from Sai kang duty xD Deo and Hidan had to leave after that so i went to look for the team at burger king and had dinner there. After that we went back to the event for abit and headed to bugis where i played Lan with a few friends just for the fun of it. It was an alright day, nothing too fantastic happened.

That is all