"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A good friend of mine just pointed out to me that i am bad and to an extend suck at socialising with people im not too use to going out with and you know what she is so dam right. I am too quiet, i mean i've known i was quiet but i just haven't really given it a second thought. Even though i dont remain completely silent, i mean if you talk to me ill definately talk to you, this has to change. Not only does it have to change i WANT it to change.

End mini rant

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So yesterday i was at the Mascot Parade at orchard. I was actually going to meet Ven, May and Amy at 10.15am but for some reason i woke up at 7.30+ and read an sms saying they pushed it an hour forward so i was like "Oooh yeah more sleep" but i only slept for another 30mins before actually waking up. At 11.15am i met them and turns out ahboy was there too so we went to buy tickets for transformers at 12.30pm.
The movie was pretty good i mean it definately has more action then the first but the story was a little undefined and a little cliche. It was still alright i guess.
After the movie i went to change into my outfit and we went to the parade.

Overall it was a really tiring day but very fun nonetheless and May has alot of fanboys xDD(dont hit me). After the event i met Hidan, Stan, Sai and May at pepper lunch. It was really funny and entertaining xD After that May went to change out and we sent her to Douby Gaut station before heading to the arcade. I played guitar freak and i kinda sucked, after the arcade we went to drink/eat and after that we went home.

Yes, pretty dull wall of text most. Im too lazy to go look for pictures
That is all

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So yeah finally i have the time to talk about saturday. The event was at somerset, it was just awesome. I met alot of people i havent seen in a while, it was great seeing all of them. Initially i wasnt planning to cosplay, i actually live pretty far away from somerset. When i got there i saw a few of my friends cosplaying and i was like oh man i should have packed my costume. The urge to cosplay was too much for me to handle in the end, so i left at around 2+ and went home to get my stuff came back at around 3+

I went to change my pants and the moment i wore my coat and overcoat. I was just like "Wooooo~ feels like an oven" It was kinda uncomfortable but still bearable. Now to list the people i met that day

The Zabuza and Haku(it was such a surprise meeting them)

i think thats about it if i forgot someone im sorry D8-

I saw May too in according to her a gothic lolita maid outfit didnt get to talk to her sadly D8

So at about 7pm+ we stopped and went for dinner, i wanted to join Sochii, Lawliet and Toky for dinner but i didnt D8 and whats more i forgot to take a picture with them. It was a shame aint it? I went to plaza sing for dinner and we met leader and lady pein later. Overall a very awesome day, it was great meeting all of them again

Full credit for the picture goes to Usagi-San.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Will have a proper post regarding the cosplay event i went to tommrow

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little red ball

I got back on tues, after my chalet. I had to leave early cause my left arm started to hurt, so anyways onto something more depressing.

The moment i got home, i went to my computer turned it on and i was planning to game. When all of a sudden, it gave me a bluescreen. For those who do not know what a bluescreen is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Screen_of_Death.

I was seriously sad and extremely ticked off at the same time. Note that i was AWAY from my computer for the past 2 days. It was working fine when i left it, there was nothing wrong with it at all. Moment i got back BAM bluescreen. I have developed a seriously hatred for Dell computers or Vista depending on which of the two caused the bluesceen. Im guessing its Dell cause from what ive seen Bluescreen is a very technical issue so yeah.

I know some of you might be thinking hey its no big deal right? Your computer crashed big woop. I can completely understand that so lets do a short excercise so you can relate and understand how i am feeling.

Picture yourself playing with a little red ball, you really love this red ball, you just love playing with it. Now one day, you have to leave for camp for the next few days. You lovingly placed your little red ball in the corner of your room. Knowing that you will have an extremely fun time at camp but still looking forward to the day. You will be reunited with your little red ball again. Before you know it, camp is over and you are home again. You throw your bag of sweat and dirt infested clothing on the floor and ran into your room and there it is, your little red ball waiting loyaly at the very same place you left it. You walk towards it and picked it up. You playfully threw your ball in the air. You feel immense happiness. When all of a sudden BOOM your ball pops. Not deflate it pops erfectly fine when you left it and now its gone. Now how would you feel?

Yes i am aware it was extremely dramatic it was meant to be that way. Im not saying i have such a intimate relationship to in inanimate object. So yeah you can roughly relate to how im feeling. That is all

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm forever blowing bubbles

"I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams,
They fade and die."

So basically Green Street Elites aka Football Hooligans is a movie. It stars Lord of the Rings's Elijah Wood aka Frodo Baggins. The movie is about the life of football fanatics waaaay back, i doubt they still have many people that are as hardcore as they were back then. The movie talks about Matt Bucknr(Elijah Wood) who got framed at Harvard for posessing drugs. He was framed by his roomie, so he takes the fall for him and got expelled. He does not fight back because he feels that he will never win even if he did.
Fast forward, he goes to England to live with his sister. There he meets her husband's brother named Pete. Thats when it all began, he hangs out with Pete. Pete is a leader of a football club's firm. The football club he suppports is West Ham, his firm is called, you guessed it Green Street Elites or as they call it the GSE. Firms are alot like gangs, what they do is they beat up another club's firm or do things that piss them off. Just visit this link to get the full story if you dont plan on watching the movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Street

What i love about the movie, it teaches you in a very crude and violent way that there are times you just have to stand your ground and fight and at the end of the show it teaches you that there are times where you just have to know when to not fight. Its a pretty inspiring movie, its simply amazing. Although its a pretty vulgar movie lol. The word Fuck/Cunt is used more often then amount of Twinkies your average fat american boy can eat and thats ALOT of Twinkies.
The most memorable quote in the movie

"You stand your ground. You fight! Just think of someone you hate!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

These 2 shots were taken by me on Tip's DSLR camera, im not much of a photographer but these 2 came out rather nicely to me at least. Just thought ill share them

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother tongue O levels are somewhat over today. All i can say is i did what i can and hopefully thats enough for a pass eh ;). Moving on, went out today with Wenson, Johnathan, Tip, Daryll, Ian and Favian. Watched Night at the museum 2 pretty nice movie, really funny! I took a few pictures of stuff im gonna wait till tip sends me them. Theres another movie i want to talk about its called Greenstreet Elites but for now pictures!

What i ate at pepper lunch, it was tasty 8D~