"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man im exhausted, did napfa today. It was pretty sudden, its like i go down for PE "You have to do napfa" Im like "but i want to play basket ball D8" I did play basket ball after however. So im pooooped, ill post more tommrow. Good luck to any and everyone taking their O level MT, its inching closer and closer day by day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I went out with Sochii, Lawliet, shit im sorry i forgot the name of misa for their photoshoot on sunday. Toky cero and a few other people whos names escape me at the moment. They went to some tiny church honestly my first time in a church even if it is real tiny. Then it was just our luck the pastour was leaving the church and questioned us if we had permission to shoot here then he said something that kinda ticked me off a little.

*points to misa in the distance* i cant allow her to shoot here blah blah. She is dressed like a prostitute. im like what? these word the exact words in my head at that moment

"Mate, have you even seen a prostitute before?" They do NOT dress like that

and i mean honestly come on, who are you to say she is dressed like a prostitute. I understand its a church a holy ground etc. But saying someone is dressed like a prostitute is just flat out insulting. Plus misa's outfit doesnt even seem that revealing, i mean i cant describe it but it is hardly that revealing at all and i dont think you will like it if his girlfriend/wife whatever, was wearing a slightly skimpy/revealing outfit and i say she is dressed like a prostitute right? so to that moronic pastour. Up yours.

On to the next thing he said, he also said you have to make a donation. Notice i bolded the words "have to make". "Have to make" also means must no? So when you MUST make a donation it isnt really called a donation anymore no? A donation is a charitable act, since when is charity a must?

So after they had their shoot we watched them do their shoot. It was really fun xD then Toky suggested we be "Random criminals" ok that part was rather funny to me at least xD

After the shoot was done we had a nearly suicidal walk to clarke quay, note that i was wearing a long sleeve black shirt and black pants. Although im known for my "keeping cool-ness" xD i do admit it was somewhat overwhelming. Alright to cut this short i ate there in some really cheap but pretty awesome itallian restaurant with toky cero and timberwolf.

Then we went to bugis to meet sochii and the rest. They went to take neoprints but i didnt join them. Not a huge fan of neoprints xD just not for me. Then lastly they went to play i dont know the exact name of it. Its an arcade game with the giant japanese drums, its a little like o2jam. Then we took pictures outside the arcade. Well picture in my case, i took another with sochii and cero maybe ill get it from sochii xD After that we went home. Pretty kickass day it was really great meeting all of them.

Sexy sochii is sexy wooooo~ <3>

Note: i am aware my hair looks, ill say it retarded xD and Lawliet gave me a lollipop 8D thank you Lawliet

Saturday, May 23, 2009

soo i just watched Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Bonds. I must say the story is somewhat typical i mean most of the naruto movies have very expected stories xD but it doesnt matter. The fighting scenes are awesome. One thing that made me laugh, as in really laugh in real life is that dragon ball scene. This guy is doing that pre-super saiyan pose and his hair, before it was white after the process it was turned BIG and black. I started laughing xD I love the sasuke and naruto fighting together bit. Its just wonderful to see them fighting one another or working together like the good ol' days. Pretty decent movie.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today is a joyous day, for today i finally got my computer up and running. It feeels so fantastic to be back no more tiny laptop screens. Hell yeah. Although a few important files are missing, other then that it is great to be back

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sooo it has been a pretty dull week nothing exciting really. Had english prelim oral today and went to Tampinese 1 and ate at the japanese food court/restaurant thing. i had ramen 8D it was good but could have been better. Gotta eat the curry next time i go there on a side note i really really want a new skin but i dont know how to code at all. I fail horribly.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alright, rant about a movie time.
Theres this movie called "The mist"
Just a quick summary, the movie is about a mist that conceals some blood thirsty creatures that kills people. Overall the story is alright i mean your basic "survival" scenerio. They were all camping in one of those shopping marts not malls. There was this insane christian lady in the show that kept rambling on about the end of the world blah blah blah. Wow she was insanely annoying. She got shot later so YES! The most heart-wrecking bit about the show was the ending. In the end the main chars which is this man and his son managed to flee from the shopping mart got into his car and drove off. Initially they plan to drive out of the mist but they ran out of gas before they did. He had a gun with 4 bullets there were a total of 5 people including himself and his son. It was either be shot or get killed by those monsters, everyone in the car understood that. So he shot all of them including his SON! SO he got out of the car and he was like yelling "Come on come get me!" This is the most fucked up part, i dislike swearing in posts but wow just seriously messed up. A tank appears out of the fog, turns out the army arrived, if they waited for like 20-30 more seconds thye would still have been alive heck his son would still have been alive. It was just so heart breaking. Phew
Ok rant over
Theres this one movie i want to talk about but ill do it later today.

Till then.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Past few days were extremely dull and simple. Cant quite explain it. I think i have a problem, if my F&N is not given a deadline for the different sections of my coursework i dont think ill ever get it done but when a strict deadline is given. Im like wooosh 110% effort and time into it and finish it. Its like not running till i point the gun at your head and telling you

"you have 5 seconds to run, so run"
i simply lack the motivation to do it belive me when i say im trying to change but im such a lazy ass.
And some of you might know my computer crashed on it, its being a total dick. Fortunately i have a laptop so i just have to bear with it and stuff as i really dislike laptops. Im a gaming person and im not really required to use computers for work that often. Bottomline i prefer computers to any gaming consoles/equipment out there. Eg.Xbox, PSP,PS(1,2,3) etc
And alienware is just sexy, even though it is overpriced and you're mostly paying for the brand rather then the parts but hey thats how the fashion industry gain such a huge amount of profits.