"How do you dance ?"- Taiga
"We hold hands and look at each other, then we go in circles until we get tired."- Kitamura

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tommrow is my o level F&N practical. Pretty nervous about it. I hope the roux comes out right.
Wish me luck

Monday, April 27, 2009


Just finished watching enchanted for the third time i think. Thoughts on the movie, i think its amazing. Simply... enchanting(no pun intended) The thing i love about the movie, it has such a perfect blend of cliche and "realistic" moments. Giselle (Amy Adams) was simply spectacular, i think she did a fantastic job on portraying Giselle. She made her seem so innocent and naive and yet the sheer fact that she is just that naive and childish is the thing that makes you fall in love with her. Living in such a dog eat dog world, sometimes all you need is a little foolishness and that fairy tale belief, you had when you were a kid.(I mean this for girls, i doubt you guys had the prince fairy tale belief. If you did good for you) I thought she looked beautiful.
A few things this film speaks to me is that sometimes you just need to be more realistic and not always be living in your dream wonderland and other times you just need to be just that small amount of naiveness;that fairy tale belief to have things work out for the best.
Rant over

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I promised myself i would blog more regularly, so here it is.
Yesterday, i was out with liexiang,wenson,jackie,tip and johnathan. We catched a movie first and later Jackie joined us for LAN. Note that my internet at home DIED on my birthday... real timely aint it? so i didnt have internet access for almost 2 days but thankfully its up now . We watched "Taken" at plaza sing.
My thoughts on the movie, it was real intense. I didnt really have high hopes for it as i thought the story was some what "normal" and pretty cliche. The way it was presented was really great. Amazing movie. I reccomend it to anyone who wants a good thrill.

After the movie it was LAN time, we played dota(Gee thats a surprise) and COD4, and i would like to add that i suck at COD4. 2 kills 12 deaths is depressing. But still it was fun nonetheless.
After we had our fill of cyber goodness, it was time to fill our tummys. We went for dinner at JustAcia, free flow of ice cream and drinks is just wooo. Some pictures that were taken using tip's camera.

Johnathan, our eating champion.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

would you look at that, its has almost been 4 months since i last posted. Heh.
Thing i want to talk about, first up is my birthday its coming really soon, 3 days to be precise. Last sunday i went out with a few friends to have an early birthday celebration just with them. Wow, they were just too awesome. They called me the night before and asked me if there was anything i wanted. Honestly i was a little dumbfounded, i mean im not the type of person who tells you what i want and then wants you to get it for me. For as long as i can remember i never asked anyone friends/family to get me anything for my birthday unless you count the time when i was 6-8 hey thats different xD.

I went out with them we watched 17 again. Its a really awesome show, very funny and interesting way of presenting the entire movie. Lets just say the entire plot was not what i expected. We went for dinner afterwards and they bought me a mini-cake, and sang happy birthday to me xD Im very grateful to you guys for spending time with me so i thank you immensely.

As awesome as the day was it got me thinking, i told a friend i didnt like big celebrations like chalets bbqs etc. I mean i want everyone who actually take out time to come down to celebrate with me to have a good time and if im not very sure i can achieve that i rather not do it and just have a small one with my closer friends. She told me that was sweet of me and i should celebrate it however i want.

That got me thinking again, was having a small and quiet celebration what i really wanted? I thought it through and realise that it was yes and no. I don't really like ALOT of attention i mean yeah attention is nice to have but too much of it is just overwhelming to me. I also want to feel comfortable, dont get me wrong im all for meeting new people i mean i've met quite alot of people since ive started cosplaying and also i didnt really like planning for people cause im afraid i might make a bad decision and stuff.

However this is in no way relevant to being a leader in my case, this isnt a case of doing whats best for the team/group/society or whatever. This is about me ensuring that they have a great time even if i dont because i appreciate them taking time off to come down even if its my birthday celebration, their well-being and happiness comes before my own. If they are happy im happy thats how i am. Lastly i guess its also a little fear of that "what if no one comes" scenario, seems like im still a little kid at heart xD

One last thing i want to talk about, is my friends and taking all positive gestures as if they had no special or hidden meanings to them. For friends, i realise that my friends are the ones that make me feel the most confident and they are also the ones that can really make me feel like crap. I usually always want to make my friends feel special by doing everything i can. This is a blessing and a curse i guess. Always wanting to make someone feel special can come of as being annoying or clingy to some people. I read this somewhere but i cant remember it is some one relevant to this topic
"Love is giving some one the power to hurt you and trusting them enough not to use it"
Rather interesting saying.

Moving on, positive gestures. Im the type of person that loves to make most people feel special and i tend to sometimes misinterpret gestures, mostly positive ones and thinking there is something else to them but meeting new awesome people just made me realise that is just plain childish to some extend. Positive gestures towards me always make me smile and make my day. One should never over think gestures like a hug or a compliment might cause you to have unwanted and not needed stress. I guess this should only apply to me because before i started cosplaying i never meet new people so when i got my first "i do not know you that well person" hug from a girl i was kinda like i wont say proud but more of flattered. I guess you can say this is kinda pathetic and sad of me. Story of my life ;)

Whew what a long post. If you mange to bear with me and read through the entire thing i thank you. If you did not hey i dont blame you. Im probably gonna start blogging more regularly but im still looking for a new skin. Have an awesome day ;)